In Strobbo you can keep track of your personnel's leave balance. When someone for example works full-time, he/she is entitled to 20 holiday days per year, and e.g. seniority leave can still be added.

On the users page and on the leave calendar you can quickly see how many hours of leave an employee has left.
On the users page of this employee you can see the details of his leave.

You can adjust or add leave as follows: 

  1. Choose in the menu for Management - Users.

  2. Open the profile of the user.

  3. Click on 2nd tab: leave.

  4. There are 2 situations.
    When the desired type of leave is not available in the list, click on 'Assign leave'.

  5. A pop-up will appear.

  6. Select the leave type from the list.

  7. Add initial balance and balance.

  8. Please note that balances in Strobbo are always in hours and not in days.

  9. The initial balance is the start balance and does not change. The balance is the current situation and will change.

  10. Click on save.

In this example, the employee has already taken 10 hours of vacation.

11. If the user already has a balance for a type of leave, you can edit the balance.

12. Use the edit icon (pencil) at the end of the leave type.

13. A pop -up will appear, make the necessary changes and click on "save".

You can always view the changes you've applied through the 2nd icon behind the vacation type.

The leave transactions will pop-up, you can close the window with the button "close".

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