As employee you can let your chief know your availability. This availability will be added to the days you're standard available (set up by the chief).

You can send this extra availability by following these steps:

  1. Choose in the menu for My Schedule - Availability.

  2. On the right you can see when the system says you're available so you don't need to send these days anymore.Attention: It is possible that the system doesn't show your standard availability. You cannot change this yourself, only your chief can do this.

This is how your standard availability more or less looks like.

You can add your availability like this:

  1. Select on the left one or more days for which you want to send your availability. Hint: you can also select entire weeks.

  2. Select the hours of your availability.

  3. Click on 'Report extra availability'.

Your extra availability will now be visible on the right.

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