When a student is employed in another location than the head office, you have to indicate this location in your Dimona declaration. Strobbo can automatically give the right location to the Dimona record so that you are legally compliant with the law. 

If you'd like to activate this, please ask our Chat with Support and let us know if you want to set up the location on the basis of the work area.

You can manage the locations by going in the menu to Schedule - Locations. (?)

If you created the locations, you can send them with the Dimona records by linking them to a work area.

Location on the basis of the work area

In Strobbo you can link locations to a work area, so all Dimona's for working times in that area automatically have this location if necessary.
This is how:

  1. Choose in the menu for Management - Settings.

  2. Click on the tab 'Work areas'.

  3. Click on the 'edit icon' (pencil) on the left of the work area for which you want to set up a location.

  4. Click in the drop-down list 'Workspace' and choose the location.

  5. Click on 'Work'.

From now on Dimona's for working times in this work area will have this location in the data.

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