In Strobbo your leave balance is managed and you can request leave yourself.

This is how you can request leave:

  1. Choose in the menu for My Schedule - Leave.

  2. On the left you will now see the part where you can request leave, and on the right the data of your already requested leave.

  3. Click in the left on the calendar days for which you want to request leave.Hint: You can also click on the arrow on the left to select a whole week.

  4. Choose the type of leave.Hint: You can see the different types of leave on the top.Hint: It is possible that there are leave types for which there's no balance management, you can ask as much leave as you like for these types (make clear agreements with your chief about this).

  5. Possibly enter a reason.

  6. Click on 'Confirm'.

The chief will receive your request and needs to approve it.

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