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How do I clock in, take a break or clock out?
How do I clock in, take a break or clock out?
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1. Go to the login screen of Strobbo. Click on the time entry icon on the bottom left (or click on 'To Time entry' on mobile).

2. Enter your pin to clock in and 'enter'.
Attention: The first time you click on this icon, a pop-up will ask your permission to give your GPS coördinates to Online Work Schedule.

3. A pop-up will ask you to validate that you entered your code. Click 'OK'.
4. You will see a notification that you have successfully clocked in.
Attention: If your chief chose to round up the time entry clock, the rounded time will be shown.

5. To take a break (= Neem een pauze) or clock out (= Uitklokken), enter your code again and choose the correct option. To resume your shift after taking a break you enter you pin code again.

Hint: It is possible to enter a remark, for example if you forgot to clock out your break or if you got sick and went home.

After you clocked out, the system will show how long you worked. Click on 'OK'.

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