Strobbo can be linked to Dimona.
You can set up an employee for whom we should send Dimona declarations.
If you put these people on the planning, we will automatically make a Dimona record so all you have to do is click send.

Choose in the menu for Schedule - Dimona. You'll now see an overview of Dimona's of planned personnel for whom was indicated that they need a Dimona.

At the end of a line you can click the 'send icon' to send the Dimona. The status of te Dimona will now change from 'Created' to 'Sent'. If the Dimona is received and processed correctly, the symbol will turn green and the status will change to 'Processed'. 

It is possible to edit processed Dimona's by clicking the 'edit icon'. Here you can fill in the correct data and click 'Update'. Don't forget to send the Dimona again. 

Attention: you have to give us permission on Social Security first before we can do Dimona declarations for you (site available only in Dutch, French and German).
We made a manual on how to do this, which you can download here.

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